Collection of Fees and Other Charges
Monthly Financial Reports
Preparation of Budget
Budget vs. Actual
Review and Payment of Invoices
Bank Statement Reconciliation
Payroll Administration
Staff C.P.A.
Delinquency analysis and collection


Monthly Statements To Residents
Insurance Audit and Administration
Owner/Tenant Communication
Monthly Payment Books
Pre Planned Agenda for Monthly Meeting
Administration of By Laws & Rules and Regulations
Distribution of Association Notices to Owners
Monthly Status Report To Association
Monitor Reserve Funding
Management is Insured and Bonded
Analysis of Master Deed


Maintenance Division
Supervision of On Site Staff
Payroll Administration
Regular Inspections
Inspection Check List
Prompt Repairs
Supervision of Services and Contracts
Secure and Administrate Competitive Bidding
Energy Audits
Management Team Available 24 Hours
Security Review and Administration

Peter Moran
Chief Executive Officer
(973) 540-0230 ext 12